Workplace Wellness - with Ngozi Weller, Aurora Wellness Group

Sheep Dip with Raising the Baa

Mar 15 2023 • 31 mins

Good Mental Health is Good Business.

So says the brochure of Aurora Wellness Group, co-founded by culture change strategist Ngozi Weller with psychologist and behavioural change specialist Obehi Alofoje.

Ngozi had a truly compelling reason for launching Aurora in 2017 and she opens up this episode by telling us her impactful and at times heart-wrenching story.

We go on to discuss:
- why looking after people is a win-win for ALL companies and how it impacts the bottom line
- practical ways to support line managers, the front line in looking after your teams
- who looks after the HR crew (and the shepherds!)

Ngozi's thoughts and tips are, as always, interspersed with analogies to the world of shepherding brought alive by Chris, Head Shepherd and co-founder of Raising the Baa.

Questions?  We love 'em!  Simply message us through any of our social channels or email and we'll ensure it is answered in a future episode or privately by one of our guest experts whichever is most suitable.

Enjoy - and thank ewe for listening 😊🎧

FREE resources:
Rise of the New Leader - white paper produced by Aurora
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Connect with the speakers via LinkedIn:
Ngozi  Weller - Director and co-founder, Aurora Wellness Group
Caroline Palmer - Top Dog and co-founder, Raising the Baa
Chris Farnsworth - Head Shepherd and co-founder, Raising the Baa & author of 'Sheep Shepherd Dog - Building a Magnificent Team Around You'

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