A Soldier's Song: Jason Grom's Journey of Family, History, and Meaningful Success

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May 6 2024 • 1 hr 7 mins

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When Jason Grom returned to our show, not only did he bring with him the echoes of past victories but also a treasure trove of fresh revelations from the intersecting paths of his personal and professional life. As a Vice President at Ameriprise Financial, he's seen the palpable impact of our previous discussions ripple through the lives of listeners, and this time, he's here to celebrate the strides taken since—spanning the joyous Disney escapades with his family, to the five-star launch of his latest book. Our exchange traverses the landscapes of family learning, the rediscovery of personal passions, and the stepping stones of a career that's as much about touching lives as it is about financial planning.

I've always believed that history is more than just dates and battles—it's the heartbeat of those who lived it. That's why sharing the emotional journey of converting my grandfather's World War II diaries into "A Soldier's Song" brings a sense of fulfillment that's hard to articulate. From transcribing his handwritten notes to the cathartic release of presenting the published book to his grandmother, we uncover the importance of safeguarding personal histories and the life lessons that soldier on through the ages. It’s a tale that underlines the essence of family, the imprints of the past, and the inheritance we leave for future generations.

As we march towards the horizon of our daily lives, it's the routines we cultivate, the values we hold dear, and the growth we seek that form the mosaic of our existence. This episode isn't just about the triumphs and trials of Jason and myself; it's about embracing each sunrise as a canvas for achievement and allowing the principles of family, health, wealth, meaningful work, and faith to serve as our compass. So join us on this reflective foray into the heart of what it means to live purposefully, to cherish the reading lamp's gentle glow, and to nurture the legacies we're all crafting, one day, one decision at a time.

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Barnes & Noble https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/a-soldiers-song-jason-grom/1145514557?ean=9798990371002

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