Rekindling Enduring Values: Kevin Korhorn's Lifelong Journey of Triumph and Wisdom

The Bamboo Lab Podcast

Mar 11 2024 • 1 hr 24 mins

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When old friends reunite, the air crackles with stories of triumph and whispers of wisdom. That's precisely the atmosphere you'll step into as Kevin Korhorn, a virtuoso of finance and life, rejoins me, Brian Bosley, to peel back the curtain on the strides he's made since his last visit. We'll traverse the contours of Kevin's world—from the pride of a father watching his kids conquer milestones to the integrity of a man whose life's work is a testament to his enduring values and strong Faith. It's a session replete with the kind of warmth and reverence that can only be kindled by a friendship spanning over three decades.

Venture into the realms of passion and purpose as Kevin unfurls the fabric of his life, revealing how the raucous zest of his rugby days has transmuted into the steadfast fervor for family, business, and giving back. I'll share my musings on how Kevin's ebullience for the morning dew and his daybreak routine are infectious, daring us all to elevate our own daily rituals. Our exchange will not shy away from the prickly aspects of life; we'll confront the beast of type 2 diabetes with Kevin's personal testament to the transformative power of lifestyle choices, punctuated by stories of icy plunges and the sobering realities of financial foresight in a capricious world.

As our conversation unspools, we'll navigate the concept of living in your 'zone of genius' and how Kevin's firm, Korhorn Financial Group, is navigating their North Star using the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). Our dialogue will meander through the significance of small acts with mighty echoes, the undying importance of Faith and service, and the meticulous balancing act of personal and professional life. So, as the embers of this discussion glow, prepare to be kindled by the resonance of Kevin's experiences and the invaluable insights that have the power to reshape the way we see our own journeys.

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