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Recordings of the weekly Friday morning Torah study class at Kehillat Israel in Pacific Palisades, California as well as other events at K.I. including sermons, classes and public events. Kehillat Israel is an inclusive Jewish synagogue community, which honors diverse religious and spiritual backgrounds. Grounded in Jewish cultural and religious tradition, and guided by the core Reconstructionist principle to value both the wisdom of the past and the need for evolving belief and practice, KI seeks through prayer, learning and Tikkun Olam to create a sacred space in which its members of all ages may find meaning, purpose and joy.

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Behar III: Change Is Possible!
Behar III: Change Is Possible!Emor III: Occasions Sacred And NotKedoshim III: The Holiness ChallengeAcharei Mot III: Yasher Koach!Why Do We Do That? - Class 2 - HavdalahMetzora III: Finding Hidden Sparks Of HolinessTazria III: The Power In Seeing OthersWhy Do We Do That? - Class 1 - ShabbatShemini III: Kashrut And JusticeTzav III: Consumption And The SacredVayikra III: Guilt and PurificationPekudei III: The Mishkan vs. The Golden CalfVayakhel: Where Is The Ark?KI Tisa III: Can We See God? Should We?Tetzaveh: Money and The SacredTerumah III: Building A Place For God Among/Within UsMishpatim III: First Do, Then Hear1 Topic, 2 Rabbis, 3 Plus Opinions - The Letter of the Law vs. The Spirit of the LawYitro:  Was Sinai An Initiation Rite?Beshalach III: The Slow And Difficult Weaning Of The Israelites