168 - Sandeep Maity ”From poverty to purpose”

Stay Forth Leadership Podcast

Jan 26 2021 • 31 mins


We're excited to publicly announce that the SECOND EDITION of the Right Side Up Journal is OFFICIALLY available!   The Right Side up Journal has helped more leaders than we imagined GET HEALTHY + REACH MORE IMPACT through 10 minutes a day of clarifying and prioritizing.

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All for the same price as the first edition. Order yours today:   On today's episode, Alan has a very powerful conversation with Sandeep Maity. Sandeep was sponsored by Compassion International and now partners with Compassion as an international trip leader.   Sandeep shares about his journey from poverty and hopelessness to passion and purpose. This is an amazing transformation story you need to listen to.   About Sandeep   Originally from Kolkata, India, Sandeep Maity is currently serving at Compassion International as an International Trip Planner and leader. He lives in Colorado Springs, CO. He is married to his beautiful wife, Kristina, and they have a baby girl named Mayla.

With a degree in hospitality management, Sandeep previously worked as a travel coordinator for a soccer club.

Raised in extreme poverty and, at times, living homeless on the streets, Sandeep’s childhood in Kolkata was marked with great sorrow, hopelessness and despair. Often going without food, clothing and shelter, he felt unlovable and forgotten. When he was 7 years old, he was introduced to Compassion and its child development program at a local church — and that’s when everything began to change for him. Through the practical support he received and the loving encouragement from his sponsors, hope broke through the darkness and Sandeep discovered God’s matchless love. Being sponsored through Compassion made it possible for him to receive an education and a university degree, through which he began dreaming of a new future for himself and his family.

Sandeep is honored to continue to partner with Compassion as an International Trip Leader. He leads International trips for Compassion International and is very passionate about pastoral and discipleship training in India. What a gift to help change others’ lives through the organization that changed his own life! He courageously shares his personal story to infuse hope in others who feel forgotten, shine light on the challenges of poverty, and mobilize difference-makers.

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