Heart Happiness: You can have it too!

Come, Follow Me: Simple Joyful Home

Mar 23 2021 • 18 mins

This week we spend our time in D&C 29
Today we dig into verses 5 and 7 to discover how heart hardening happens in our personal lives and how we push back to remove the weight and regain the lift and happy that we crave and God promises.

We start by getting real vulnerable about the feelings that trigger the hardening of our own hearts. Here are just a few of those triggering feelings, maybe you can relate:
-don't fit in in good places
-not good enough, smart enough, spiritual enough
-lack of motivation
-annoyed by the good thing on the to-do list
-stubborn resistance
-too many to-do's
-lack of purpose in the too many to-do's
Any of those sound familiar to you? We certainly have felt them all at some point and and we are sure you could name similar feelings we didn't list here.

Come learn the one thing we are applying right now to restore and protect our heart happiness.
You will leave feeling like
You belong here.
You are worthy of being part of all good things.
You are empowered to put down the things distracting you from God.
You are His and He is your advocate in creating a lifted and happy heart.

We can't wait for you to join us.

Alisha & Emily