How to build a Shield of Faith that can Transform into a Rolling Tank of Protection

Come, Follow Me: Simple Joyful Home

Mar 16 2021 • 29 mins

This week is all about D&C 27-28.

If you could only choose two pieces of armor to go into battle with from the armor of God what would you choose?

After our discussion today my first choice would most certainly be my shield of faith! My second  choice, the sword of the spirit without a doubt!

In todays episode we learn about the shield and the power it has to keep distance and space between us and the impact of an enemies strike.

We learn that the shield alone holds little protection without the grips anchored in place and your arm fully engaged in the work of holding it up for protection.

Finally we remember that we are always better collectively that we are separately.

You DO NOT want to miss our tool this week. It will be one the whole family can get in on.

Come build a turtle shell of faith with us. Move across a field step by step  in unison with an army of God's elect. All are invited who will have him to be their God.