Episode 24: Living and Working from a Place of Love with Heather Boersma

Created for This with Danielle Roberts

Jul 26 2018 • 24 mins

Heather Boersma shares how her life experiences led her to finding a place of rest. As she dug deep in her relationship with Christ, she found her identity and also found that she had been working for love instead of working from love. This realization changed her striving to thriving.

She's teaching the next generation this lesson and others in her upcoming book Letters from a Big Sister, which has letters from Jenna Kutcher, Jess Connolly, Kristiene Dimarco and more.

Join in on our conversation now by listening to the podcast as we talk about rest, identity and how God equips us for what he wants us to do.

Heather is a speaker, author, wife and mom who has shared her story with thousands of teen girls and women across Canada, the United States, and Australia over the last 12 years. She began touring with a ministry for teen girls called Beautiful Unique Girl with singer/songwriter Amanda Cook in 2005 and spoke at over one hundred events, impacting thousands of teen girls. She continues to speak at summer camps, women’s retreats, conferences and more. Heather has a B.A. and B.Ed in High School English and Theatre and has taught in both public and private school settings. Heather wrote for and hosted a TV show called Beautiful Unique Girl that airs on Hope Television and online. Heather published a youth devotional book called Dream Big (affiliate link) (Word Alive Press, 2012), has written 2 ebooks, and has had articles published in Tapestry magazine, Brio, Susie, The Influence Network blog, (in)courage blog and more. Heather currently lives in the Canadian prairies, but dreams of one day living on the coast. She is Mama to three wildly wonderful children, Cohen, Claire and Byron, and their Australian Shepherd, Bailey. Her husband Alex is an entrepreneur and business owner who is always ready for an adventure, especially if it involves playing in the mountains or the ocean.

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You can learn more about Letters from a Big Sister and watch the book baby come to life on their Instagram.