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The Hockey Think Tank Podcast brings incredible stories, interviews, and great perspective from some of the top hockey minds in the game. Hosted by Topher Scott & Jeff LoVecchio, our podcast will educate and inspire all those that love the game! For all the players, coaches, and hockey parents out there...make this your Go-To show on your way to the rink!

Episode 221 - Mailbag!
Aug 8 2022
Episode 221 - Mailbag!
On this episode of the Hockey Think Tank podcast, Jeff and Topher take on your listener questions!! We love all of you who support our podcast and we want to make sure we're hearing from you and helping you on your hockey journeys whether you are a player, parent, or coach. We tackled SO MANY QUESTIONS serious and funny on this they are: -What is advice for a first year coach coming into a college locker room, who hasn't recruited the players, and create buy in? -What are the best things to do in a tryout to get noticed? -Is Nickelback good music for training? -What is advice for a head coach moving up to be an assistant coach at a higher level of hockey? -What are strategies for a player to earn more trust and ice time opportunities on the ice for a junior player? -What do I do as a parent when I see my kid liking the game but they don't compete hard? -What is advice for a parent that wants to cultivate a love and passion for the game in their kid? -What are your thoughts on plus/minus in assessing a player? -What is your most impactful lesson learned in hockey that you use today in life? -What are your thoughts on full ice practices for 12u teams? -Who should play goalie at the youngest ages of hockey? -How does a player get through the let down of making a team to be an impact player on the team when the season starts? -What is the number one "trick" for getting through a rut? -What are your thoughts on staying with one coach for five seasons in youth hockey? -Why are agents reaching out to kids so young when in Sweden there is a rule that you can't do that until the kids are 16 years old? -Is the defensive defenseman a thing of the past? Do NHL teams want/need this role anymore? -What are some tips for in season training? -What are important traits of a captain and what age should they be named? -What is more important to gain in transitioning to college hockey - strength or quickness? -What is the best way to establish my philosophy quickly as a coach of a new program? WOW we got through all of these!!!!!!!! Thank you to everyone that submitted questions - we really appreciate it! Thank you to our sponsor GELSTX, TrainHeroic,, and CuredNutrition. Thank you to Bluewire Pods, our podcast parent company. And thank you so much to all of our amazing listeners!! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit