Phil Jimenez - Greek Gods in Wonder Woman: Historia


Oct 25 2021 • 57 mins

The month marks Wonder Woman's 80th Anniversary, and this interview is a love letter to Diana, whose origins are steeped in Greek mythology.

In this fabulous conversation, award-winning comics artist Phil Jimenez reveals the secrets behind Wonder Woman: Historia, his upcoming collaboration with writer Kelly Sue DeConnick for DC Comics Black Label!

Mythology has been central to some of Phil’s highest-profile projects, including War of the Gods and Gods of Gotham, and of course, Wonder Woman. And after 20 years of immersion in the topic, he has thoughts.

We cover Dionysus’ gender, post-toga Olympian fashion, Hera's burden, and what makes Wonder Woman such an enduring character.

In "Five Questions," Phil shares what brings him joy!

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