AND HERE’S MODI is an inside look at the man behind the microphone. Hosted by comedian, Modi (@modi_live), AH"M features a raw and unfiltered side of the comedian rarely seen on stage. He always finds the funny as he navigates the worlds of comedy, trending topics, his personal life and spirituality. AH"M is co-hosted by Periel Aschenbrand (@perielaschenbrand) and Leo Veiga (@leo_veiga_).

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Our Editor's Take

The host of AND HERE'S MODI is proud to be Jewish. Much of Modi Rosenfeld's stand-up comedy centers around his religious and cultural background. For instance, he has a popular routine where he compares Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews. In a YouTube video, the comedian reviews The Crown with a Yiddish accent. He also often refers to himself as having "Moshiach energy."

So it's no surprise that Modi's podcast deals with the Jewish experience. The host even interviewed Rabbi Gavriel Bellino for the inaugural episode. But this interview podcast also connects to the universal experience of being human. Modi discusses topics such as divorce, airplane food, and Florida.

The host of AND HERE'S MODI didn't always know he wanted to be a comedian. The Israel-born, Long Island-raised Modi worked as an investment banker after college. But after attempting his first open mic, there was no turning back. The comedian became recognizable with acts focused on Judaism.

Modi's quick wit led to features on HBO, NBC, Comedy Central, and other networks. He also received positive reviews in The New York Times, the New York Post, and other publications. He appeared on the TV shows Crashing and When Jews Were Funny, as well as in several films.

While Modi's career is making jokes, the podcast isn't another stand-up routine. Instead, it is a candid sit-down interview show where funny topics may come up. The guests on AND HERE'S MODI come from a variety of professions. He interviews actors, journalists, club owners, and entrepreneurs. They discuss topics like holiday traditions and current events. They talk about the life journey of comedians and combating antisemitism.

Some episodes of the AND HERE'S MODI podcast focus more on religious subjects like Torah values and mezuzahs. Others speak about ableism, the importance of community, or the Coachella music festival. The podcast is a lighthearted listen where the comedian explores topics beyond his stand-up routine. New episodes come out on Wednesdays.

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