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94. Sarah’s Birthday Q&A! 🎉✨🥳  Living in Europe, Relationships, Overcoming Fear, Comparison & Anxiety + so much more!
Jan 26 2022
94. Sarah’s Birthday Q&A! 🎉✨🥳 Living in Europe, Relationships, Overcoming Fear, Comparison & Anxiety + so much more!
THIS WEEKEND (1.28.22 - 1.30.22) receive 27% off of ANY of Sarah's Courses for her birthday sale! Valid on pay in full OR first payment in a payment plan.Click Here for Diet Culture Dropout: https://www.sarahjeanharken.com/diet-culture-dropoutClick Here for other courses: https://www.sarahjeanharken.com/work-with-me---It’s Sarah’s birthday week so you know what that means; special edition birthday episode! You babes asked the best questions that created the most diverse and inspiring episode. Read below for an overview on the questions that were answered and the topics that were chatted about!: Do you get lonely living/traveling alone in a new city alone?How are things with Zack and your intimate relationship while being apart?How do you afford to travel for a long time like this?How do you get over the fear of traveling alone in a new country? Most inexpensive you’ve ever traveled?Do you see a connection between privilege and manifestation actually working?What is 1 sustainable/earth conscious choice you make that you wish everyone else did?How have you noticed regular breathwork affecting your life?I compare myself a lot. How do I stop doing that?Any tips to overcome anxiety? One tip for REAL self love?What do you love most about yourself?Rapid Fire - favorite: food, dessert, music, emoji, morning practice, IG page, podcast, place you’ve visited, & what books are you reading?Let’s. Get. VIBEY!Connect With Us:CLICK HERE FOR TWO WEEKS FREE in Sarah's Breathwork & Meditation Membership: Inward & Upward!Mary Yoga App - create a consistent yoga practice & change your life!SHOP OUR MERCH! CLICK HERE or head to www.hervibeisprettypodcast.com/shop*We ship INTERNATIONALLY!*We want to hear from you! Share your biggest takeaway in the Her Vibe is Pretty Community on Facebook!Click here to join: Her Vibe is Pretty PodcastDM & Tag us on Instagram!@maryochsner@sarahjeanharken@hervibeisprettypodcastOR Send us an email at:hervibeisprettypodcast@gmail.com