Bid For Connection Challenge Recap

The Ardent Wife

Jan 7 2024 • 9 mins

According to Gottman, a bid for connection is any attempt from one partner to another for attention, affirmation, affection, or any other positive connection.Bids show up in simple ways, a smile or wink, and more complex ways, like a request for advice or help.

As part of his research, Dr. John Gottman conducted a study with newlyweds, then followed up with them six years later. Many of the couples remained together. Many divorced. The couples that stayed married were much better at one thing: the third level of the Sound Relationship House, Turn Towards Instead of Away. At the six-year follow-up, couples that stayed married turned towards one another 86% of the time. Couples that divorced averaged only 33% of the time.

Resource: The wives give a short recap of our Bid for Connection Challenge. The wives recap how it went and what they have learned and took from this time.

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