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Driving Results Through Culture

Apr 14 2021 • 3 mins

If you’ve been following my thinking over the past 20+ years, you know I coach senior leaders to define their desired culture, align their desired culture, and refine their desired culture.

Defining your desired culture is the easy part. Aligning and refining demands that leaders lean on the accountability lever, holding leaders and team members throughout their organization accountable for both respect and results, every day.

Workplace accountability means that 1) people understand what is expected of them—expectations for performance and values are clear, 2) people agree to those expectations, and 3) people deliver upon those expectations.

The leader’s role is critical in each of these three steps—clarifying and formalizing expectations for respect and results, securing agreement by all parties, and ensuring all parties do what they promised they would do.

The reality is we don’t hold people accountable either consistently or effectively.

In today’s three-minute episode of my Culture Leadership Charge video series, I outline the two elements that are prerequisites for workplace accountability – and describe how great leaders invest in modeling, coaching, measuring, celebrating, and mentoring to hold everyone accountable for respect and results.

This is episode ninety-five of Chris’ Culture Leadership Charge video series. In these concise videos, Chris presents the best practices for creating and sustaining a purposeful, positive, productive culture – at work, at home, and in your community.

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