43. J.G. Miller: The Case of the Life-Changing Cold Call

The Road Case

Nov 22 2021 • 54 mins

This week, we welcome Sergeant First Class J.G. Miller to the show! J.G. is the principal horn and section leader of the US Army Field Band, and he also toured with legendary British rock band The Who. For real - this guy's got some stories.

First, though, Krista wants to make sure everyone in the world knows how old she and J.G. are by reminiscing about their time together at the University of Southern California, and then J.G. takes us through the truly insane combination of luck, guts, skill, and quick thinking that landed him the "Quadrophenia and More" tour with The Who.  Brandi and J.G. spend a little time fan-girling over renowned bass player Pino Palladino - a mentor of J.G.'s from the tour - and we get the inside scoop on some valuable musical lessons he learned while on the road.

Next, J.G. tells us about how he ended up in the military - including some pretty dramatic lifestyle changes - and how he uses his position to put focus on the importance of mental health and making meaningful connections. We dig into why, exactly, military bands exist, what the true purpose of a musical performance might be, and how the pandemic was an important wake-up call for a lot of arts organizations. Finally, we get an inspiring rundown of J.G.'s "Three C's" philosophy of artistry: curiosity, commitment, and community.

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