3. Marc Cooke: Saving the Wolves of Yellowstone

Beyond The Lens

Apr 7 2022 • 48 mins

A passionate campaigner for the plight of wolves, Marc Cooke is the President and Board Member of Wolves of the Rockies. Founded in 2011, the organisation uses advocacy and education to protect and defend the wolves of Yellowstone National Park and the Rocky Mountains while also trying to enact positive change for all wolves.

Together, Richard and Marc discuss the importance of the Wolves of the Rockies’ grassroots strategy to act as their voice, especially when up against inadequate state legislation, lobbying by the unethical hunting community, and bounty bills set to kill wolves.
Marc’s insightful knowledge reveals why man-made “safe protection areas” are not working and the official number of the wolf population today does not add up.

Anticipating a better future where the public understands that wolves are essential to the local ecosystem, Marc expresses why he’s grateful for a new generation of thought on cohabitation. He explains the importance of safe alternatives for wolf management, outlining all of the ways we can all help today.

To find out more visit www.wolvesoftherockies.org