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Financial Therapy

Dec 8 2020 • 1 hr

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Welcome back to Financial Therapy.

CONTENT WARNING: We discuss issues of abuse that may be triggering to some people. Please refer to the  list of domestic violence hotlines in your country.


Let me ask you this? Have you or someone you know had their intimate partner forced you to purchase things that you didn’t want or need. What about them controlling where you spend your money and requiring you to account for everything you spent in your day? Or have they maxed out your credit card and then don’t make payments on the balance? Maybe they have prevented you from working by hiding your keys? Or have they limited your ability to attend job training, pursue higher education, or otherwise advance your career? Or simply they spent your money without your knowledge.

What I have just listed are some of the signs of what could be a financially abusive relationship. And you know what? Financial abuse is more common that you think and can happen to anyone, at any time of their lives.

But you might be interested to know … that financial abuse is common in young people’s relationships. Even with all we know about abuse in intimate relationship, the benefit of education and opportunities and generally more freedom to live the life we want, it is still a big problem.

We are speaking with Dr Jozica Kutin, a Senior Researcher at RMIT University and the Victoria Law Foundation. who turned her deep fascination about why this is happening to young people, to leading a team at the University to developed a toolkit for young adults about money and love. YOU ME & MONEY

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HOST - Jane Monica-Jones, Financial Therapist & Author of The Billionaire Buddha

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GUEST - Dr Jozica Kutin, PhD, is a Senior Researcher at RMIT University and the Victoria Law Foundation. Jozica completed her PhD in the School of Economics, Finance & Marketing, RMIT University and holds a Masters Degree in Forensic Psychology from Monash University. Her research focusses on (preventing) economic abuse in young adult relationships, development of relationship-based financial capabilities and financial wellbeing.


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