NFT Sundays Episode 4 - Untitled, xyz:

NFT Sundays

Apr 7 2022 • 43 mins

On the fourth episode of NFT Sundays, host Colborn Bell of DMINTI and the Museum of Crypto Art interviews artist and Metaverse architect untitled, xyz.  The metaverse, a place where growth can match the blinding rate at which humans have come to absorb text and image based information, is discussed in terms of its potential for connecting a global community, and as a vehicle for imagination.  Untitled, xyz, one of the most in demand metaverse architects in the game, provides valuable insight into the possible futures for the burgeoning medium.

Kirk Finkel [untitled, xyz] is a Brooklyn-based digital artist and architect. His work explores metaverse architecture and design concepts emerging from blockchain technology. An assembly of motifs and modular building elements, his 3D collages represent hypothetical artifacts of the virtual age. In 2011, Kirk co-founded Hither Yon; a four-person collective whose drawings and murals have been exhibited in Rome, Milan, Copenhagen, and Berlin. Prior to xyz, he also practiced as an urban designer in New York. Kirk is currently a Resident Architect at the Museum of Crypto Art, MOCA.