NFT Sundays Episode 13 - Eric Rhodes

NFT Sundays

May 11 2022 • 41 mins

Legendary Trash art artist and historian Eric Rhodes dishes with our host Colborn Bell on Defi Chads, unofficial punks, getting kicked off Super Rare and a more utopian time on the Block Chain for art and artists.  Colborn and Eric compare notes on their journeys into and through Crypto art.  Get into this deeply personal and insightful take on Crypto art and NFTs.

Eric Rhodes is an award winning NFT artist, and founder of Second Realm hailing from the Land of Pizza and Bagels, New Jersey.

Before Second Realm, he was a customer experience (CX) and service design expert heading up programs at Twitter and Google. He also spent 10 years in UX design and digital marketing working with global brands like MLB Advanced Media and HarperCollins Publishers.