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Say no to marketing overwhelm! If you are looking to increase your digital and online marketing confidence, whether you’re a business owner or a marketing professional, then subscribe and listen! Launching a Digital Marketing Agency back in 2010, I’ve worked with hundreds of business owners, and in this podcast will share what I’ve seen along the way, my take on how to master your marketing with confidence, plus I’ll be interviewing tons of business owners and marketing professionals who will share how they found their feet in the ever changing world of digital and online marketing. I’m Mary-Anne Amies, and I’m so excited to be your host, with a career in marketing spanning more than two decades, I am a passionate mentor, coach and speaker, who is dedicated to helping business owners and marketing professionals to build digital confidence without the overwhelm. I can’t wait to help you find your marketing confidence! If you want to find out more visit read less
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Confident Content: Elevate Your Marketing with Jenny de Lacy
May 29 2024
Confident Content: Elevate Your Marketing with Jenny de Lacy
Welcome to another episode of Marketing with Confidence! This week, we're thrilled to have Jenny De Lacy, a seasoned consultant with over 30 years of experience, join us to discuss the power of confident content in marketing. With a rich background in learning and development, and a decade in digital marketing, Jenny shares her journey and insights on how to master the art of getting your message right. In this episode, we dive into: Jenny’s unique career path and her passion for helping business owners craft effective messages.The similarities between learning and development and marketing, and how they both use words and messages to influence change.Practical tips for overcoming impostor syndrome in the marketing world.Strategies for simplifying your content creation process by focusing on what your audience needs right now.The importance of understanding your target market and aligning your content with their biggest challenges.Jenny's thoughts on avoiding content creation pitfalls and the noise of conflicting marketing advice. Tune in to learn how to create impactful, confident content that resonates with your audience and helps you achieve your business goals. Don’t miss this insightful conversation that’s packed with actionable advice and expert insights! Jenny De Lacy is a digital marketing consultant with over three decades of experience in consulting, including 20 years in learning and development and the last 10 years focusing on digital marketing. She is passionate about helping businesses find their voice and effectively communicate their messages to influence and drive change you can find her on Linkedin at, Instagram at or at