Episode 7 - Katie Albitz on Build Back Better

Raising Rochester

Nov 30 2021 • 43 mins

Katie Albitz joins Raising Rochester this week as our podcast’s first out-of-town guest to analyze the child care components of the proposed federal Build Back Better reconciliation package. Katie is the Public Policy and Advocacy Coordinator for the New York Association for the Education of Young Children (NYAEYC). The conversation touches on the important work that NYAEYC does throughout New York State, the transformational nature of the proposed federal legislation, what New York should do to best implement of this child care system overhaul, and what listeners should do to ensure it passes the United State Senate.

Links and Resources:

New York Association for the Education of Young Children

Empire State Campaign for Child Care

Hunt Institute Summary of Build Back Better’s Pre-K and Child Care Provisions

First Five Years Fund Action Toolkit

We also discussed, but had to cut for time, a survey that NYAEYC conducted to tell the stories of child care provider experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.