Grief and Loss: A 10-Day Series - Day 7: Making Space for Grief: Your Boundaries

Soul Sessions

Aug 16 2023 • 10 mins

This episode is part of a 10-day series around grief and loss. This series focuses on navigating the emotional landscape of grief, whether you've lost a loved one, a pet, or even some part of yourself. Grief does not discriminate. Each day will build off of the last; but you're welcome to listen to each episode on its own, as well.

On Day 7, we’re going to switch gears and reflect on how we are supported (or not) in our grieving process. We’re going to evaluate our social and family circles to learn where we can pull back our energy, so that we are filling our own cup first. Boundaries are often the least talked about challenge in grief, and we can often get caught up in “saving mode,” trying to help everyone else but ourselves. We’ll visit some practices that we can implement to protect our space, energy, resources, and time.

Thank you for tuning in! May it be of service!

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