Grief and Loss: A 10-Day Series - Day 9: Share Your Love

Soul Sessions

Sep 2 2023 • 8 mins

This episode is part of a 10-day series around grief and loss. This series focuses on navigating the emotional landscape of grief, whether you've lost a loved one, a pet, or even some part of yourself. Grief does not discriminate. Each day will build off of the last; but you're welcome to listen to each episode on its own, as well. Now that we know what our grief is, how it feels, and how to make space for it, it’s time to let it flow. So much of what grief entails is the overflowing love that we have for someone or something we lost. Now that we know what that love is, it’s time to share it. On Day 9, we’ll explore some unique, sweet, and heartfelt ways to share our love, even in grief.

Thank you for tuning in! May it be of service!

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