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S02E09: The Power of Linguistics in Social Media Management with Eloise Leeson-Smith
Jul 9 2024
S02E09: The Power of Linguistics in Social Media Management with Eloise Leeson-Smith
In this episode... "Why are so many brands a hot mess at social media when it comes to explaining their messaging, their services, their products? Typically, it's because they've always focused on themselves." Eloise Leeson-Smith, a linguist and communication expert, discusses the importance of effective communication in social media. She emphasizes the need for businesses to focus on their audience and avoid self-centered messaging. Eloise provides tips for writing compelling social media posts, including using visual elements, measuring readability, and incorporating the word 'you' to engage the audience.   About our guest:  Eloise Leeson-Smith is a strategic Linguist, communications specialist, and expert copywriter, working with companies around the world to close the gap between what they think they’re saying, and what is actually being received by their customers. With a focus on data-driven communications decisions, language consciousness and critical discourse analysis, Eloise works to help your business to better engage audiences of all kinds. From public sector bodies to UN agencies to private companies such as Experian and Capgemini, Eloise raises the bar for communications inside and outside your business, for happier staff, excited customers, and a better bottom line.  When she's not researching, reading, or talking about talking, you can find her weightlifting, hanging out with her husband, and perfecting her spicy margarita.    ---   P.S. As always, if you want more tips for navigating the world of social media, visit our blog at