S02E06: How To Start a Branded Podcast? Talking About Best Tips and Tricks with Kendall Breitman from Riverside.fm

Social Media Made Simple

Mar 14 2024 • 44 mins

We have a very exciting topic coming up to this episode of Social Media Made Simple.   Today, we're talking about starting your own branded podcast! And what better person to discuss it with than Kendall Breitman, Community Manager at Riverside.fm.   Kendall Breitman is the community manager for Riverside.fm, an online recording and editing platform for podcasters and video content. She leads a community of thousands of creators, helping them connect with others in the industry and achieve success. Before working at Riverside, Kendall was a television producer and political journalist for outlets like MSNBC and Bloomberg News.     On our plate, we've got topics such as: 📌 Who can benefit from having a podcast? 📌 Should every brand have one? 📌 What makes a successful podcast and what to avoid when starting one? 📌 How to grow your podcast audience? 📌 What metrics should you track? 📌 And finally, what's gonna trend in the podcast niche this year?   So tune in, and hopefully, after listening to this episode, you'll join the ranks of podcasters!    P.S. As always, if you want tips for navigating the world of social media on our blog: https://cutt.ly/check-out-the-blog