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Named 2023 Best Personal Finance podcast by, The Stacking Benjamins Show has a light and friendly tone. Hosts Joe Saul-Sehy and OG aim to make financial literacy fun for all as they sit around the card table in Joe's Mom's half-finished basement and talk with experts about personal finance, saving, investing, and important money trends. As Fast Company once wrote, the Stacking Benjamins podcast "strikes a great balance of fun and functional." So join Joe and OG every Monday, Wednesday and Friday as they read your letters, discuss major headlines, and throw in some trivia and laughs for free. read less

Our Editor's Take

When people hear "personal finance podcast," they don't usually think of fun times. The Stacking Benjamins Show proves that money doesn't have to be a stiff and boring topic. Creator Joe Saul-Sehy found a way to make finance accessible, engaging, and even fun. Josh "the OG" Bannerman cohosts many episodes. And blogger Len Penzo also appears on the show.

Episodes release three times a week. Here, he and his team of financial experts analyze the latest financial news and market fluctuations. In the process, they offer practical tips for building sustainable wealth. This is regardless of whether someone starts from zero or with a capital at hand. Their combined knowledge is not the only reason The Stacking Benjamins Show enjoys such great popularity. The hosts' laid-back, no-nonsense approach and sarcastic tone speak to their young audience.

As such, they also talk about important topics like refinancing student loans. Listeners can also learn about calculating investment goals and ways of acquiring properties. The Stacking Benjamins Show also touches on lifestyle topics. This includes debates on whether money can buy happiness. The team also offers tips on how to recognize and use one's own influence.

Many years ago, Stacking Benjamins founder Saul-Sehy too, found himself in a tight spot. He reveals he had to learn about money the hard way. A big reason for that was ruining his credit ratings right after moving out of his parent's home. He still jokes now about doing the show out of his mother's basement. Since starting The Stacking Benjamin Show, the podcast has won multiple awards. The hosts want fans to enjoy the show, and to stack up their own Benjamins after hearing tips here. Listeners looking for an alternative finance education will enjoy this unconventional show.

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