Ep 126 How You Can Recognize Career Burnout and Overcome It

Midlife Fulfilled Podcast: For People Over 40 Who Say NO To A Midlife Crisis

Oct 23 2023 • 33 mins

Dr. Richard Mitchell shares his story of burnout and how he overcame it to find purpose and fulfillment.

Here are 3 key discussion points from my conversation with Dr. Richard Mitchell:

1️⃣ Finding Fulfillment in Career Transitions: Dr. Mitchell's diverse career path, from being an army officer to a bicycle tour director, highlights that we all seek fulfillment in our professional lives.
2️⃣ The Impact of Burnout on Personal Life: Dr. Mitchell shares his personal experience of burnout as a school administrator and how it affected his relationships outside of work. Burnout isn't just confined to the workplace; it can have a significant impact on our personal lives as well.
3️⃣ Pursuing Personal Development: Dr. Mitchell attained his doctorate degree and eventually realized his true passion is coaching others to navigate through burnout and find their own fulfillment.

Dr. Mitchell's story is a testament to the common reality of burnout. Tune in to discover how his story helps you understand how to recognize burnout and things you can do to overcome it.

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