Ep. 20 Adam is a 10 year overnight success through podcasting 🎤🎧

Midlife Fulfilled Podcast

Jun 20 2022 • 31 mins

This week you'll meet Adam Schaeuble.  Adam is a 10-year-over-night success! He had a 3-year-over-night success, and now he's in his 7-year-over-night success season.

In this episode, Adam describes his midlife journey including the twists and turns that got him to his current AF season. He even admits that what he thought was an AF season turned out to be a BF season. That's a valuable lesson many of us can relate to.

Adam is the host of the Podcasting Business School podcast. I explain how I found him and how he is inspiring me and many other podcasters on their journey.

Adam brings a unique flavor to BF to AF storytelling.  He ends our conversation with an implementation alarm challenge that I urge you to take. All you need is your mobile phone and a strong will.

This is episode is sponsored by the Midlife Fulfilled 2022 Report.

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