Ep. 22 Getting fired was her wake up call

Midlife Fulfilled Podcast

Jul 4 2022 • 32 mins

This week you'll meet Marlo Lyons.  In this episode, Marlo shares her BF to AF story that began when she was fired from a job she held early in her career. Soon after that she and her then-fiance broke up and she found herself unemployed and unengaged. She wasn't happy.

Marlo continued her career path in an industry she didn't love. When she married, her husband was self-employed and she provided a steady paycheck and health benefits from her job. But, when her husband landed a job with benefits she knew it was her opportunity to make a change in her career.

The problem was that Marlo didn't know what she wanted to be and this was at the age of 46.

Marlo found her calling in a role that allows her to use her natural gifts and talents while working with smart people and helping them shape their careers.  She even wrote a book that explains her methods further and provides great career advice.

As with each episode on the Midlife Fulfilled podcast, regardless of the unique circumstances consider the parallels in your own midlife journey.  Maybe you're facing a transition and you're struggling to figure it out. Let Marlo's story on this episode provide some inspiration.

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