Ep. 30 Transforming Rock Star Dreams into Business Reality: A Success Story in Consulting 🙌

Midlife Fulfilled Podcast: For People Over 40 Who Say NO To A Midlife Crisis

Aug 29 2022 • 37 mins

This week’s guest is Robert Rose.  Robert is a global marketing influencer. He runs a successful consultancy called The Content Advisory. He’s authored 3 books. His latest book Killing Marketing will challenge your conventional thinking about marketing and possibly turn it upside down.

Robert describes how his most current BF to AF journey began with his aspiration to be a rock star. He grew up believing he would be a successful musician. He discovered in his 30s that his "function" (not his "form") would allow him to achieve his aspirations in a different way when he fell in love with business.  Robert discovered that his fulfillment was initially unconscious but eventually it became conscious.

He went from saying yes to just about everything that came his way, which served him well, to realizing that once he found his function, it was time to adopt the mindset of saying no to everything unless it was a "hell yes" because the thing he would say yes to should be aligned with his function.

Robert's BF to AF midlife journey includes overcoming the fear of success.  You'll be inspired to hear how he overcame the fear of success. And, you might discover that you or someone you know has had this same fear!

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