Reasons to Fix Our Democracy Podcast Series

Rick Hubbard

Walking To Fix Our Democracy is a national effort to fix the structure and financing of our political system in order to provide proper representation for the common good of all Americans. It is coupled with a very long walk sparked by Rick Hubbard that began in Los Angeles on October 1st, 2022 and will link up with activists for events in communities and states en route, and finish with an event at the steps of our Capitol in Washington D.C. about 15 months later. Reasons to Fix Our Democracy is a growing podcast series that discusses these problems and fixes. read less

#2 Reason - To obtain proper representation
Dec 31 2022
#2 Reason - To obtain proper representation
This episode is directed directly to those we have elected to represent us - we the people - in Congress and covers the following:The job you took an oath to do.How and why a majority of you  are not properly doing your job.How and why that is hurting our nation.How you have set the rules to serve your interests, and those of your political party above representing our common public interests.You have prioritized wining and staying in power over properly governing.Doing your job properly requires you to speak out about how the structure and financing of our political system is not serving the very people it is designed to serve. Unless you repeatedly say why the structure and financing of our political process works against the common good of we the people, the media will not amplify this.And amplifying these problems and discussing reforms is essential for most people to begin to hear, think about, and decide how our political system’s many broken parts might best be fixed.It’s time to change this behavior. Our country has been damaged enough, and it has led too many of us to question whether democracy can survive. So I ask each of you. Are you willing to stand up and tell those you represent and the media  the following:A list follows of normally unmentioned, though hugely relevant, damaging aspects of  the structure and financing of our political system.If you are an elected representative willing to do your job as discussed above, congratulations. You are doing the right thing and deserve the full support of we the people. But if you are unwilling to speak out about improving our political system to serve all of us, then know that public pressure is mounting to vote you out of office for not properly doing the job you agreed to do when you took your oath of office.I hope I have given you something to think about. And I hope that many, perhaps even most of you, will choose the path that best serves our people and our nation.REFERENCESBrennan Center For Justice, 2021-11-6 - Tim Las, The Filibuster Explained, Competition in the Politics Industry is Failing America, by Katherine M. Gehl and Michael E. Porter About Money in the Midterms, The Brennan Center for Justice of Americans say they won’t donate to 2020 presidential campaigns, CNBC and Acorns Invest in You Spending Survey.