Milkid Mailkit Connects Military Children- Ep. 67

Milspouse Matters

Sep 28 2021 • 32 mins

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I’m so excited to be talking about Milkid Mailkit™, a pen pal program for military children, with one of the program’s co-founders, Brunella Costagliola. Brunella and her husband Michael Gosselin created Milkid Mailkit™ to encourage and foster international friendship for military children through the art of letter writing.

The season of COVID and her own children being in front of screens more than ever with schooling going online made Brunella realize her kids' need for more connection. With beautiful stationery created by world-renowned creator and longtime Disney theme park designer and illustrator, Valerio Mazzoli, and their own inspiration of connecting military kids as penpals, Milkid Mailkit™  was born. You may recognize the symbol of military kids—the dandelion. Every illustration captures the adventurous spirit, inspiring diversity, and barrier-breaking horizons of military life.

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