Support for Submarine Spouses - Ep. 77

Milspouse Matters

Jan 18 2022 • 49 mins

I’ve had a lot of requests for more Navy spouse interviews, so I’m happy to bring to you my talk with Chelsea Davis from The Submerged Life! I first discovered the Submerged Life through their funny memes on Instagram and knew I had to reach out to these great ladies.

Chelsea Davis, Meagan Guise, and Kaileigh Lear are Navy spouses and founders of the blog "The Submerged Life." As newly-christened submarine spouses, it didn’t take them long to realize the resources they needed weren’t as readily available as they’d like… and so it all began! They launched The Submerged Life in 2019 and have since built a community for sub spouses and families from around the world. Written by spouses for spouses, their blog is your guide to living and loving the submarine life.

Whether or not you're a sub spouse, I think you'll be encouraged by Chelsea's perspective!

Connect with them at and on social media:

  • Instagram: @TheSubmergedLife
  • Facebook: @TheSubmergedLife

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