The Loyalist Connections Podcast

Loyalist Connections Creative Society

Introducing the Loyalist Connections Podcast: Step into a world where history comes alive, voices echo through time, and untold narratives find their voice. Welcome to the Loyalist Connections Podcast, where we discover and capture the rich heritage of the African Nova Scotian community and beyond. Hosted by Laurice Downey, and Shawn Smith our passionate duo brings their expertise and dedication to reveal the captivating stories of our ancestors, shedding light on their resourcefulness, resilience, and entrepreneurial spirit. With a commitment to promoting recognition, justice, and development, the Loyalist Connections Podcast is a gateway to discovering the diverse heritage and contributions of Black and African Nova Scotians. Tune in as we capture first-voice historical narratives and present them through captivating audio experiences. Our engaging interviews, featuring special guests and community members, provide an authentic window into the lives of those who have been historically overlooked. Join us on this exciting journey of self-discovery, as we bridge the past and present, champion change, and celebrate the indomitable spirit of Black and African Nova Scotians read less