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Do you love learning practical new ways to help improve your life? Join AARP as we dish out tips to make the most of your health, money and happiness – all in five minutes or less. We’re sharing the latest life hacks, insights and innovations on everything from better sleep to affordable exercise. We’re here to help you live a positive and healthy life at any age. read less

Our Editor's Take

Today's Tips from AARP is a podcast for active older people. The podcast publishers release an episode with a new tip for better living twice a week. The tips are what younger people might call "life hacks." But since the publisher is AARP, the organization for people age 50 and older, they're called "tips." But much of the advice here is relevant to listeners of all ages.

Most tips fall into one of three categories-money, happiness, and health. The Today's Tips from AARP podcast contains some easy steps to spending less money. When prices are rising fast, this advice can be a lifesaver for those living on a fixed income. For example, it's cheaper to buy frozen produce than fresh. Buying in bulk is more economical. Storing fruits and vegetables in separate containers will keep them fresh longer.

At a time of life when everything seems to hurt, health and wellness advice is always welcome. Today's Tips from AARP has preventative care measures. It demystifies proper sunscreen storage and application. It explains how and when to use melatonin for good sleep. It introduces listeners to the benefits of self-care. Exercise tips, home cleaning tips, and even tips on Social Security benefits get explained on this podcast.

The podcast also contains fun tips. It explains dog and cat body language. It has advice for people who like to travel with their pets. It also provides ideas for keeping family gatherings from becoming explosive.

The older people get, the more likely they are to become targets of scams. Today's Tips from AARP's most helpful episodes are about the digital world. Listeners learn simple steps to keep them safe from harm online. Tips include creating and managing passwords and using privacy settings in social media.

The goal of Today's Tips from AARP is, of course, to get people to become members. To make the AARP's case, they offer one of the membership benefits for free to anyone-this podcast. New episodes drop several times each week.

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