The Also-Rans

Mark A. Lempke

Mark A. Lempke explores what losing presidential candidates can tell us about United States history. There's a lot more than elections here; we'll explore U.S. culture, religion, politics, and society along the way. Intended for politics nerds, history buffs, and all those who have suffered some kind of humiliating defeat.

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Episode 10: The 2022 Presidents' Day Fantasy Draft
Episode 10: The 2022 Presidents' Day Fantasy DraftEpisode 9: Jim Crow's Gentleman Lawyer (w/ Leland Ware)Episode 8: Liberalism on the FritzEpisode 7: We Want Willkie!Episode 6: The Railsplitter's ShadowEpisode 5: The Divorcee Who Struck It RichEpisode 4: The Closest ElectionEpisode 3: The Last FederalistEpisode 2: Whatever Became of Hubert?Episode 1: The Agony of Defeat