266 Laurence Tremblay – How mindset is everything when turning chocolate into a tool for good

Investing in Regenerative Agriculture and Food

Dec 1 2023 • 1 hr 13 mins

A conversation with Laurence Tremblay, co-founder and business manager of Guatemalan social enterprise, Cacao Source and founder of the nonprofit arm, Give Back to the Source. Emma Chow, the host of the Regenerative Minds series, explores with Laurence the regenerative mindset in the chocolate industry, cacao's potential for regeneration, cacao farming, culture, and community in Guatemala, and much more.

Emma had a chance to meet some of the Cacao Source team when visiting Guatemala in 2022. Even though Laurence and Emma didn't meet back then, in this conversation they discuss how to design enterprises to realise cacao’s unseen potential while weaving a new story for chocolate, from a different set of values. They talk about regenerative farming and indigenous communities, empowering women, personal responsibility and integrity in food and ag industry.

The Regenerative Mind series is supported by our friends at Stray who are exploring systemic investing with awe and wonder as well as our friends at Mustardseed Trust, who are enabling a transition to a care economy that fosters regenerative food systems.


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