Alpha Connect Sisterhood Series

Kelly McGinnis Beck

Alpha Connect Sisterhood Series is a bi-weekly podcast for members and friends of Alpha Sigma Alpha. National President Kelly McGinnis Beck and her dazzling array of guests will connect and empower women as we celebrate our sisterhood.

Lynne Rachal Chambers, A, on meeting Mary Williamson Hundley, A, and Wilma Wilson Sharp, ZZSusan Maiolo Angelicola, EM, on Being a Nurse Practitioner and Living with Multiple SclerosisJenn Schimmel, Zeta Delta, Shares her Bone Marrow Transplant StoryCelebrating Iota Lambda Chapter’s One Year AnniversaryJanet Crook Conroy, Beta Pi, on being a Flight Attendant and her new role as Regional Coordinator at the Office of Drug Control PolicyMarcia Kinbar Goldstein, Delta Tau, on Her Experience as a PharmacistHillary Sexton, Zeta Omega, on Being a Burn Nurse and a Traveling Nurse During COVIDKaren “Timi” Leota Bressler, Zeta Lambda, Shares Her HELLP and Preeclampsia StoriesJennifer Miller Gobrecht, NN, Shares Her Experience Giving Birth Via a Uterus TransplantBradley Norwood, Theta Gamma, and Her Experience with Egg CryopreservationA Conversation with Author Denise Swanson Stybr, Gamma LambdaNational Headquarters Series: Melissa Koch Merriam, EE, Sarah Gafron, Beta Theta, and Kayla Vivace, Epsilon PhiNational Headquarters Series: Darci James, Office Manager, and Jane Rauck, BY, Finance ManagerNational Headquarters Series: Vanessa David, Delta Kappa, Director of Alumnae EngagementNational Headquarters Episode: Lexi Carter Johnson, Beta Theta, Director of Communications & MarketingSpecial Edition: How National Council arrived at new Vision and Purpose StatementsNational Headquarters Series: Kim Richard, EK, Director of Collegiate & Program Services and Lexi More, Epsilon Phi, Program CoordinatorNational Headquarters Series: Collegiate Services TeamNational Headquarters Series: 2021-22 Leadership ConsultantsNational Headquarters Series: Suzanne Haynes Jones, Beta Lambda, Director of Development