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Think of RED-C Presents as an ”audio journal” of the RED-C (Religious Education for the Domestic Church) Apostolate. It will offer listeners some regular content like additional audio from RED-C Roundup interviews or resources for participants in Victory Sports, our youth-sports initiative. There will also be one-time features such as remote broadcast replays and short-run serial productions like podcasts to accompany our book studies or family retreats. We hope you enjoy the varied ”presents” that will be ”presented” on RED-C Presents! As always, we pray that you are blessed by your interactions with the RED-C Apostolate! read less

The Pavone Affair
Jan 10 2023
The Pavone Affair
We began the show reviewing the facts of the laicization of Frank Pavone, averring that this incident has a long backstory and has less to do with abortion politics than it does with the integrity of the Catholic Church qua the Catholic Church. To that end, we looked at Chapter III from the Dogmatic Constitution on the Church, Lumen Gentium, promulgated by the Second Vatican Council in 1964. It is absolutely vital to understand that the hierarchical nature of the Church is divinely ordained. For a priest or bishop to flaunt that structure is a scandal and it leads to division and disunity, which is the goal of the Evil One. Furthermore, it should be added that a priest only derives his teaching authority from his bishop. It is by sharing in his bishop’s teaching power that gives the teachings of a priest any weight. Separated from his bishop, a priest’s statements are merely his opinions. The Deacon and the Doc ended by stating how damaging it is when bishops fail in their duties to preach and teach and defend the faith. The Doc went so far as to suggest that most of the problems in the Church today can be tied to failures of episcopal witness or episcopal authority and that renewal of the apostolic college will need to be a project for this entire century.   Relevant Articles: "Zurek Letter Explained Pavone Laicization Plan" - The Pillar "New Disciplinary Action Looming for Father Pavone?" - Catholic Culture (12/2014) "Priest for Life? A Frank Pavone Explainer" - The Pillar