81 - Growing Up On The 'Seinfeld' Set: Travis Wesley Interview


Apr 2 2018 • 45 mins

Lee Hutchison is joined by photo journalist, Travis Wesley who talks about his unique childhood growing up on the set of 'Seinfeld'.

Travis Wesley's mother, Elza Camacho was a boom operator on 'Seinfeld' and Travis was lucky enough to spend time on set while his mother worked, he shares what he learned from the incredibly talented crew that put together this Emmy award winning series. Travis speaks about the magical experiences he shared with Jerry Seinfeld, Michael Richards, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Jason Alexander and what it was like on set.

Travis was also cast as Kruger's son in the classic episode, 'The Slicer' and reflects back on that episode, his role in it and its place in history as "the original photobomb".

Travis talks about his career as a photo journalist and how those early experiences on the 'Seinfeld' set inspired him.

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