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Book of Heroes is a podcast focused on the Storybook Brawl game. Each week, we discuss strategies, archetypes, and tips and tricks to improve your play.

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31 - May Qualifier Tournament Report
31 - May Qualifier Tournament Report30 - Master of Your Own Fates29 - Storybook Brawl Lore28 - Interview with Spring Champion Aaron Gertler
This week, I was excited to have Storybook Brawl's Spring Champion, Aaron Gertler, on the show! Aaron shares his process to prepare for a tournament, presents his take on the current metagame, and lays down some astute card evaluations. We also get to talk about a few non-SBB topics like the Effective Altruism movement and our favorite web serials. Note that this episode does contain some mild language. You can read Aaron's excellent tournament report from the Spring Championship and watch his games here. Check out Aaron's Twitch stream here. You can also email him with Effective Altruism questions at aaronlgertler@gmail.com. Other things mentioned on the podcast: Trynet, Redrame, and Ikarus- three Twitch streamers that show off high-level SBB play.Life in a Day - 2010 film showing the lives of people from all around the world in a single day.EffectiveAltruism.org - Website (partially written by Aaron!) that explains the basics of the Effective Altruism movement.GiveWell - An organization that uses research to identify highly effective charities that will help your donation do the most good.Pale - Outstanding web serial about three girls inducted into the world of magic.Worm - Excellent web serial about a teenager who develops the superpower to control insects. Please feel free to join the Book of Heroes Discord! You can follow the podcast on Twitter @BookofHeroesSBB and contact us by email at bookofheroessbb@gmail.com. Our logo was created by graphic designer Clay Slang; if you like his work you can reach him at clay@switterbeat.co.
Apr 26 2022
1 hr 16 mins
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