Finding your Bariatric Community

The Bariatric Experience

Jan 27 2021 • 16 mins

No matter how much your family and friends support you, they sometimes will simply not be able to understand the challenges (and successes!) you will face  - which is why it's crucial to your success to have a safe and supportive bariatric community!

In this episode of the Bariatric Experience Podcast, I talk about finding a bariatric community online or offline through the 4C’s formula. Listen in to learn why your community might evolve as you continue with your journey.

What You Will Learn:

  • The different types of communities that you could be part of and why a bariatric community is a MUST!
  • Places you can find bariatric communities both offline and online for support pre-op and post-op.
  • The 4C’s to help find your crew
  • Learn about my bariatric crew and where I found them!

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Your Bariatric Experience by Lindsay Uri