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Space Traffic w/ Marco Pica (From Italy's Beautiful Aosta Valley)
Jun 14 2021
Space Traffic w/ Marco Pica (From Italy's Beautiful Aosta Valley)
Welcome aboard my friends.  Today we're traveling to Italy's beautiful Aosta Valley for Papa Geoff's conversation with "Space Traffic" band member, Marco Pica.  (Insert Aircraft Ding Here)  Ladies and gentlemen, in preparation for takeoff, please make sure that your seat backs and tray tables are in their full, upright, and locked position and that your seatbelt is fastened firmly across your hips - Flight attendants prepare doors for departure. (Insert Aircraft Ding Here).  “Space Traffic” is an independent rock band from outer space, now settled in Italy!  They describe their sound as "Dream Rock."  From their beginning, the band was transported in the composition of new songs with a rock, spacey, and psychedelic touch.  I know you’re gonna really enjoy their music and this conversation.  I was so honored that Marco came on the program today and I can't wait to have him (and perhaps other "Space Traffic" members come back.  Many many thanks,Enjoy the broadcast -Blessings - Much love and respect always, Here we go...Papa Geoff... - Space Traffic (Used With Permission)℗ 2018 Space TrafficAll Original Music & Lyrics by Space Traffic℗ 2018 Space TrafficSpace Traffic on Spotify - Traffic on Instagram - Traffic on Facebook - Traffic on YouTube - Traffic on the web - Musical Credit:Intro/Outro/Bumpers: Geoff's America Podcast Information -Continue the conversation at our website: to our podcast:  http:/subscribe.papageoffusa.comLike us on Facebook:  us on Instagram:  us on Twitter:  us on YouTube:  the show (