Encore Episode - The Q Lounge w/ Hosts Eric & Gil

Papa Geoff's America

Jun 7 2021 • 36 mins

Today we’re bringing you an encore performance – a rebroadcast conversation with some previous guests in an episode that we classify as a “Classic”.

As a lot of you are aware, our schedule has been just nutso lately, with just so much going on for the past several weeks.  So today it's into the Classic Library we go.  Today we revisit  Papa Geoff's inspiring conversation with "The Q Lounge Podcast” hosts, Eric and Gil.  Their podcast discusses news,  stories, and life situations as they relate to the LGBTQIA+ experience.  They created The Q Lounge as a platform to share their experiences and stories, while also providing a safe space for others to share their experiences.  I was so blessed to have them come on the broadcast for our first conversation, and I know you’re really gonna enjoy this encore performance.

Enjoy the broadcast - Much love and respect always,

Here we go...

Papa Geoff...

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