GM60: Preparing Your Portfolio for the Second Half of 2024 ft. Christian Mueller-Glissmann

Top Traders Unplugged

May 1 2024 • 1 hr 5 mins

In this episode, Cem and I welcome Christian Mueller Glissman back on the show, and together, we tackle the intricacies of capital allocation in 2024, particularly amid the pivotal elections we expect to see. We discuss the pros and cons of starting with a 60/40 portfolio allocation strategy. Cem and Christian highlight Europe's resilience to inflation and its potential energy cost advantages, making it an attractive investment destination. We also analyze how election cycles, especially during populist periods like now, influence the economy and markets. Christian shares insights on using structured products to manage volatility, and both he and Cem strongly advocate for strategies like trend following in current market conditions. Finally, we discuss what an optimal portfolio allocation should include in 2024.


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Episode TimeStamps:

02:39 - Christian's current big picture macro framework

07:22 - The role of volatility in inflation

12:20 - Should the 60/40 portfolio always be your starting point?

21:02 - What are the risks of the 60/40 portfolio not being the starting point?

27:37 - A scary situation in Europe?

32:16 - How election periods affect the economy

40:22 - A wall of worry

43:30 - Christian's thoughts on using structured products to reduce...