SI299: Sharing the Trend Following Pie ft. Andrew Beer

Top Traders Unplugged

Jun 8 2024 • 1 hr 9 mins

Today, we are joined by Andrew Beer where we discuss the outlook for inflation and why Andrew believes there is an existential crisis in macro economic modelling. We then touch on the question "if trend followers might be the only true short sellers left" as well as how to deal with the lag effect when using replication models. We round off our conversation discussing why Andrew believes we should all “share the trend following pie” and why the managed futures space is stalling when it comes to AuM, why he believes that money is “packed anxiety” for most people, why the ETF space needs an injection of positivity and much more.


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Episode TimeStamps:

00:44 - What has caught our attention recently?

03:04 - Is what we thought was "normal" Real Yields actually not normal?

09:30 - Are the trend followers the only true short sellers left?

19:09 - How do CTAs react to the lower prices?

21:35 - Industry performance update

23:00 - Q1, Joe: How do you deal with the lag effect in replication models?

32:36 - Let's share the trend following pie

40:38 - The disadvantages of the institutional world

43:56 - Why is the managed futures space not growing?

49:49 - A crazy story from Andrew

56:26 - Are low-cost offers killing the industry?

01:02:39 - The ETF costs dont add up?

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