SI294: Lowering the Cost of being Long Commodities ft. Hari Krishnan

Top Traders Unplugged

May 4 2024 • 55 mins

Hari Krishnan returns to the show for a deep dive into commodities. He helps us understand why investing in commodities is not as easy as other markets and why he believes that we are entering a commodity super cycle. We also discuss how to overcome the challenges of holding and storing commodities and why cheap commodities are not always so cheap once you start rolling your futures position. We talk about where his new “virtual storage” concept can add value to a trend following system and much more.


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Episode TimeStamps:

01:07 - What is catching our attention recently?

06:53 - A recap of April

10:14 - Hari's thoughts on trend following

14:30 - The interesting commodities

18:10 - A commodity super cycle inbound?

20:36 - BUT...Commodity Bulls used the same arguments in 2022

22:51 - How commodity storage functions

29:57 - Balancing divergence and convergence

32:26 - How virtual commodity storage works

35:55 - The role of trend following in a regime-based participation

42:47 - How consistent is the virtual warehousing approach?

47:06 - Manual or systematized?

48:59 - Overcoming the challenges of commodities

53:44 - What markets can the method be applied to?

54:16 - Thanks for listening

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