SI298: The Trend Following ETF Revolution ft. Katy Kaminski

Top Traders Unplugged

Jun 1 2024 • 59 mins

Together with Katy Kaminski, we dive deep into the ETF space to better understand how you can utilize a new wave of ETFs as an investor. Katy describes the transition many Trend Following managers have gone through to get into the ETF space and how you can integrate the Trend Following ETFs in your own portfolio. We discuss if or how due diligence in the ETF space may be different from traditional due diligence and the different paths into the ETF space managers have chosen. We also discuss fee considerations when building ETF models and how to choose the right replicator, and if we are likely to have too many firms replicating the same few CTA indices. We end our conversation with some thoughts on how AI will impact the trend following industry and much more.


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Episode TimeStamps:

01:07 - What has been on our radar recently?

02:56 - Industry performance update

07:41 - Our thoughts on CTA offerings in the ETF space

13:40 - Is giving people more liquidity a good thing?

17:32 - Why include ETFs in your portfolio?

21:43 - Use cases for ETFs

25:00 - How does the due diligence process work in the ETF space?

28:58 - Are we becoming a Relative Return industry?

32:01 - Is the increasing trader anonymity a problem?

34:33 - The different paths into the ETF space

40:57 - How ETFs compare to classic managed futures products

43:30 - Should you...