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The official companion podcast for the new HBO Original series The Last of Us, based on the critically acclaimed video game of the same name. Each week, join Host Troy Baker (who played Joel in the video game) as he breaks down episodes of the TV series with Showrunners Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann. Together they’ll dive into key moments and reveal  behind the scenes stories from the making of this action survival series starring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey. read less

Our Editor's Take

Few video games have had the impact on popular culture that 2013's The Last of Us has had. The game proved so popular that it would receive both a sequel and an HBO television adaptation. HBO's The Last of Us Podcast is the official companion to the acclaimed television show.

One of the things that makes HBO's The Last of Us Podcast unique is its three hosts and their connection to this franchise. The podcast's main host is actor and singer Troy Baker. He was Joel's voice for both games. (Joel is the character Pedro Pascal portrays on the HBO show.) Baker's iconic voice-acting work in that role was a large part of the game's success. Baker also appeared on the television show in a limited role.

Baker is not the sole host of HBO's The Last of Us Podcast. Two other people are part of the podcast, and both are important. One is Neil Druckmann, who wrote and directed both video games. He is one of the two showrunners of the TV series, along with Craig Mazin, the third podcast host.

HBO's The Last of Us Podcast does more than analyze each episode of the TV show. It also explains the motivations behind various creative choices. Fans wanting to know why certain scenes in the TV show were different from the game can find out here.

Curious listeners can also learn more about the making of the video game that inspired the HBO show. Some of the most interesting moments on HBO's The Last of Us Podcast are not about the show but about the video game. In a way, this podcast examines both aspects of the media franchise. New episodes of the podcast come out after episodes for the TV show get released.

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