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A one-hour weekly political conversation hosted by Markos Moulitsas and Kerry Eleveld highlighting on-the-ground leaders of the progressive movement.
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44. Talking to the guy they has been tracking COVID since well before lockdowns: Mark SumnerBreaking down all things Texas with special guest Julián Castro43. Arizona is critical in 2022—in every way possible42. How can Democrats avoid 2021-like results as we try and hold Congress in 2022?41. Election Day edition of The Brief: Does Virginia really presage anything for 2022?40. Daily Kos experts talk about the Senate bottleneck, and the state of redistricting39. Pennsylvania is critical to making Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema obsolete... and winning in 2024!38. A true Senate majority runs through North Carolina, a tough state. Can we win it in 2022?37. Michigan's critical 2022 elections will have an impact on who the next president is36. Virginia’s Governor’s race is tight. Worrying isn’t enough, what can we (and you) do?35. Democrats win big in California recall. What does that mean heading into 2022 cycle?34. With Texas abortion decision can Democrats get electoral revenge?33. The Texas anti-abortion law, and how we can fight it32. The war is over, now what?31. Breaking down all things Texas with special guest Julián Castro30. So, how about that census? The future of America is less and less white.29.  Gerrymandering crash course: Making sense of the census data and how it will be distortedRERUN: How important are women to the Democratic Party and its 2022 chances?RERUN: Can the Republican Party be saved? What about rural America?28. The fight for rural America is alive and well. Can progressives win the rural vote?