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Our Editor's Take

Daily Kos' The Brief is a thoughtful podcast about American politics. It comes from the people behind The Daily Kos website. Markos Moulitsas created that progressive platform in 2002. The "Kos" in the name comes from a shortening of his first name. It's pronounced like "hose." The site is a gathering place for millions of left-leaning Americans. This podcast will appeal to this audience, as well as others interested in hearing different opinions.

Markos cohosts Daily Kos' The Brief along with Kerry Eleveld from the website. This podcast seeks to explain developments and events affecting Americans. Many of the guests are writers for The Daily Kos. Steve Singiser talks about poll results. Joan McCarter reports on Republican Congressional shenanigans. Other progressive writers like Elie Mystal of The Nation share their expertise. In one episode, Elie and Markos analyzed what the Supreme Court is thinking these days. Both writers felt it was plain to see. This court appears more aligned with a radical conservative agenda.

The podcast discusses current events, of course. But it also looks at the long-term consequences of today's news and today's elections. The Daily Kos' The Brief podcast attempts to help listeners understand the who's and what's in American politics. After all, there's nothing simple about the issues shaping today's America. From the White House to Congress, plenty of actions are up for scrutiny.

These are some of the issues the Daily Kos' The Brief has faced so far. Politics in America continues to create debates and tension. So, The Daily Kos continues to publish podcasts. The platform also has another podcast, The Downballot, about the electoral process. New episodes for both podcasts come out each week. Left-leaning listeners may enjoy both of these programs.

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